Saturday, October 27, 2012


Finally, we are starting to see some color in our trees.  There for awhile, I was afraid the fall color was going to miss us this year.  But no ... apparently it was just a little bashful about showing itself.  Come on, pretty colors!

Last night was our first chilly evening this fall.  And I slept so well last night.  Think the two might be connected?  I sure do!

As I see more pretty colors, I'll try to take more pictures and share them.

Hope your fall is beautiful as well.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Happy anniversary to me

My husband gave me these beauties for our anniversary.

October always was my favorite month of all.   Now I have even more reason to love it.  And these flowers are a perfect picture of everything I love about Autumn.

Don't they make my den look pretty?

Finally, you will notice Hobbes, who thinks he just has to investigate any and every new thing which comes into this house.  Which means that, when we're not home or sleeping, the flowers go into the guest bedroom behind a closed door.  Crazy cat.

Thank you, Steve, for my beautiful flowers.  Here's to many, many more years together!

An autumn supper

We had our dear friend and neighbor, Pam, over for dinner and a game of Sequence last night.  We are so blessed to have Pam for a neighbor; she has always been a true friend to us and we trust her completely.  We enjoy getting together when we can. 

I decided we would eat at the kitchen table instead of the dining room, just because it's cozy and comfortable and just right for three people.  So I lit one of my new fall scented Yankee candles and got my kitchen ready.  

I put my new owl place mats on my kitchen table for us to use.

With the advent of rain and much cooler temperatures, I decided to make a pot of chili.

I served it with bowls of shredded cheese and sour cream, for us to be able to add what we like.  I also made cornbread, in a cast iron skillet, of course.  A simple supper, for sure.

Then, just to celebrate Fall (my favorite season), I made an apple pie. I am not a baker by any means and, just between us, this was only the second apple pie I ever made in my life.  And it was the first time I ever made a lattice crust.  It turned out pretty well.

We had a nice evening, listening to the rain on the roof, enjoying our chili, cornbread, and apple pie with ice cream, and playing our cut-throat game (not) of Sequence.  Chance and Hobbes were even on their best behavior.

More later --