Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday afternoon

Not much happening in our little corner of the world today. It's a relaxing, gear-up-for-Monday sort of day around here. My plans extend no further than doing my nails and figuring out what to fix for dinner later (steak, baked potato, and sauteed cabbage).

It's been downright chilly around here, at least to my Southern blood. We had snow the other day and, while pretty, I was ready to see it melt away...which it did the next day when the sun came out.

My buddy, Hobbes, sticks close to me. When he can't get in my lap due to my computer being in the way, he patiently sits by and waits for me to move it. Well...okay, maybe not always "patiently."
My other buddy, Chance, prefers to hang out with Dad. He doesn't sit in my lap often, but when he wants to, I'll invite him to jump up and join me. I think he is more comfortable on the couch.
So that's us and our lazy weekend. Hope you, wherever you may be, are enjoying your weekend as well.

More later --

Monday, January 11, 2016

Powerball ... and dreaming

So, the Powerball jackpot now stands at $1.4 Billion. That is some crazy stuff right there. We went in together at my office and bought some tickets before the last drawing but, of course, there was no winner. I think we will do the same for this one and, if not, I'll definitely pick up a few. 

Like everyone else in the country, I have let my mind go there. What would I (we) do with a huge payout.......?  Steve and I talked about it tonight. My suggestion was to buy a house in the English countryside and a house in Fiji, and spend half the year at each one. This sounds like a perfectly reasonable plan, doesn't it?  My Dearest's dreams were more along the lines of a 120-inch TV and a room/house to go with it.  He's such a guy.

But, when you come right down to it...that kind of money can be quite a burden. A curse, some people call it. I personally believe that with great wealth comes great responsibility to do some good in the world. I have a whole list of charitable causes I would give to (some that we already support in a small way), but it's mind boggling to imagine that you could give a monetary gift that would change someone's life in a drastic and lasting way.

Realistically, we know with this lottery, the odds are definitely NOT in our favor. But it's still fun to dream...

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Weekend meanderings

We're getting rain this weekend. A lovely, slow-soaking rain. We desperately needed this. I think we had a pretty severe deficit, although after this weekend, that should be greatly relieved. We have yet to experience the really deep and beautiful Fall colors this year, and I hope the rain will help those to develop as well.

I've been just puttering around the house this weekend, which is my favorite thing to do. Yesterday I did some cleaning, did some laundry, worked on switching out summer/winter wardrobes, and made Tex-Mex meatloaf with mashed potatoes and spinach for dinner. My Dearest is a meat & potatoes boy, so every now and then I have to make just that to keep him happy. And he was. Happy, I mean.  Today my plan is to finish the wardrobe switch and give myself a manicure. Big plans!

Speaking of switches, I made a furniture change in our den recently, from a recliner to a low oversized leather arm chair with ottoman. I like the looks of it, but Hobbes definitely does not appreciate the change. He would stretch out along my legs when I reclined, and it's just not the same now. Poor baby ... he doesn't understand about furniture wearing out!

 I sometimes forget, but Hobbes knows that

I think Chance, on the other hand, likes the new chair better. He can jump up a lot easier. It's interesting looking at my choices from my fur babies' point of view. I can't wait for the day when we replace our couch and loveseat. I'm tired of it and it's starting to sag a little. I'm not sure what we'll choose to replace it, but I know some features I do and do NOT want, and I guess that will be a pretty good place to start. Of course, my main consideration should be how the babies will like it :)
More later --

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Road trip

Today was one of those brilliant fall days: blue sky, crisp cool air, leaves just beginning their journey from green to yellow-orange-red. So we decided to take a little road trip to a really cool Mennonite store and cafe about an hour from Memphis.

When we got there, it was lunchtime, so we decided to eat first and shop later.

I had the best Reuben sandwich ever!
Then we did a little shopping.

Afterwards, we went outside and looked around.

It was a great little outing!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Monday fun day

Not too much else to say besides that.

Yes, it's been a long time. I won't even start with lame excuses, since that's all I would have.  But, today's a new day and I am firing up the old HP to write a little blurb in my sorely-neglected blog.

Speaking of firing up the HP Pavilion Notebook is not doing well. It spontaneously will flash a message that the cooling fan is not operating properly and then it rudely just shuts down, right in the middle of whatever I important task I may be completing. Like checking my Facebook page. Or saving a picture that speaks to me, like the one above. Which reminds me, I better hit "save."  There, I feel better ... at least I won't lose what I've written today.  Whew! It's not easy to concoct such masterful writing, you know.

So ... today I have the day off. Yes, I requested a Monday off, for no particular reason other than I just wanted to.  What bliss. My short-term plan involves me getting dressed and shaving my legs (not in that order, mind you) so that I can go get a mani/pedi this morning. Yay!  After which, I may do a little shopping, maybe even see a movie. The day is entirely open ... what a lovely concept. So I plan to enjoy it thoroughly, because tomorrow it's back to the salt mines.  Wonder where the term "salt mines" came from?  Truth be told, there will never be enough time to Google everything my mind wonders about...

Oh well, welcome back to me and my little blog. I guess this is enough of my stream of consciousness writing for a Monday morning. If you're reading this (all two of you), I hope you have a good Monday and a good week.

More later (well, with my history, I guess I shouldn't necessarily assume that) --

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmastime is here

Wow ... it just does not seem possible that Christmas is mere days away. Time is truly flying by. This year has been a toned-down version of Christmas at our house. We put the tree up and did a scaled-down version of decorating, but no outside lights. We didn't put the Christmas village out, and I haven't even taken out any of my Christmas dishes or cups and glasses. I haven't done the baking that I usually do; we have purchased whatever treats we wanted this year.

Unfortunately, this has been a season of very high stress for me. Things have been uber stressful at my workplace recently, and many changes are taking place there, with people leaving and potential job reassignments on the horizon.  I am not handling it well at all. The job itself has gone from one that I used to love, to one that is a huge source of stress. It is just not enjoyable and I worry about spending the final years of my working life in that environment and the physical toll of all that stress.
I know I have another 8-10 years or so before I can realistically look at retirement. I just don't think I can do this for that long. Something surely has to give.

I definitely need a little "peace on earth" in my little corner of the world. I wish I were writing an upbeat, jolly holiday post ... but, this is my reality. We're going to do Christmas with Steve's family this afternoon, and that will be a nice and fun diversion. Tomorrow, it's back to work for a few days before a little break for Christmas and New Year's.

At any rate, I do wish you - my dear reader, whoever you may be and wherever you may be, A Very Merry and Blessed Christmas and A Very Happy and Healthy New Year.


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What I've been reading lately

With reading, as in so many other things, I go through phases. Sometimes I am a frenetic reader, with one book going on my Kindle app on my (big fat) phone and one book being read at work and maybe even another one at home. I don't particularly like to read more than one book at a time, so I hate it when I go through those weird "reading frenzies" and, thankfully, they are usually short-lived and rare, and it is always an odd occurrence that causes them. Say, I start a book and leave it at work, then want to read at home, so I start one there. Or, I download something on Kindle and it is so fascinating that I can't help but start reading immediately - even though I'm already involved in another book ... you get where I'm going here, right? Definitely first world bibliophile problems.

Then, occasionally, there are times when I just am out of the mood to read. I find myself watching more movies and TV and listening to more music. But again, those times are rare, and do not last very long. The lure of a good book is too strong and I cannot resist for long.

In an earlier life, I volunteered as a reader for our local library. They operate a radio station for the blind and visually impaired which is staffed by volunteer readers.  Different hours throughout the day are devoted to the daily newspaper, current magazines, classics, bestsellers, various genres of music, interviews with authors, and a plethora of other topical and interesting information. I enjoyed volunteering there immensely and have often thought that when I retire I would really enjoy doing more of that. Reading gives me so much joy, I just can't imagine living in a world without it.

So I've been reading some really good books lately. Awhile back I read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and loved it. Loved it. Now, I've heard so many people say that they just hated the ending to that book, but I just have to disagree. Without spoiling it for anyone who has not yet read it, I will just say that I think that the end was fitting. They deserved what they got. And that's all I'm going to say.  Oh! Except that I went to see the movie last weekend with a couple girls from the office, and it was great. Seriously, the casting was brilliant. Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike were perfect. And Tyler Perry rocked.

Another really outstanding book I recently read is Orphan Train: A Novel by Christina Baker Kline. I like books based on historical data, and this one fits the bill. It's a poignant, moving story that I found hard to put down, and I highly recommend it.

But my favorite of all my most recent reads has to be The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd. Another historical novel based on fact, this book is a coming of age story of two female children - black and white - who grow up together in Charleston, SC during the 1800s, and who desperately wanted and needed to be more than what the confines of society and the time frame in history were ready to allow them to be.  This book has heart and soul. I laughed and cried, and was sad to see it end.

Other books I've recently read include:
  • Dark Places by Gillian Fynn
  • Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn
  • Wonder by R.J. Palacio
  • The Last Original Wife by Dorothea Benton Frank
  • Open Season by C.J. Box
  • Night Without End by Alistair MacLean
  • There Was An Old Woman by Hallie Ephron
I know there are more, but these are the ones that come to mind as I'm typing this post. I have a few current favorite genres going right now -- true stories of survival, and historical fiction that is based on fact. I still am enjoying various series -- Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum's books, the "Miss Julia" books by Ann B. Ross, and of course, my most beloved "Father Tim" books by Jan Karon, and if you have not read them, I say run, not walk, RUN to the nearest bookstore to purchase (or your computer/phone to download) and start the lovely foray into the world that is Mitford.

More later --