Sunday, October 25, 2015

Weekend meanderings

We're getting rain this weekend. A lovely, slow-soaking rain. We desperately needed this. I think we had a pretty severe deficit, although after this weekend, that should be greatly relieved. We have yet to experience the really deep and beautiful Fall colors this year, and I hope the rain will help those to develop as well.

I've been just puttering around the house this weekend, which is my favorite thing to do. Yesterday I did some cleaning, did some laundry, worked on switching out summer/winter wardrobes, and made Tex-Mex meatloaf with mashed potatoes and spinach for dinner. My Dearest is a meat & potatoes boy, so every now and then I have to make just that to keep him happy. And he was. Happy, I mean.  Today my plan is to finish the wardrobe switch and give myself a manicure. Big plans!

Speaking of switches, I made a furniture change in our den recently, from a recliner to a low oversized leather arm chair with ottoman. I like the looks of it, but Hobbes definitely does not appreciate the change. He would stretch out along my legs when I reclined, and it's just not the same now. Poor baby ... he doesn't understand about furniture wearing out!

 I sometimes forget, but Hobbes knows that

I think Chance, on the other hand, likes the new chair better. He can jump up a lot easier. It's interesting looking at my choices from my fur babies' point of view. I can't wait for the day when we replace our couch and loveseat. I'm tired of it and it's starting to sag a little. I'm not sure what we'll choose to replace it, but I know some features I do and do NOT want, and I guess that will be a pretty good place to start. Of course, my main consideration should be how the babies will like it :)
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