Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday afternoon

Not much happening in our little corner of the world today. It's a relaxing, gear-up-for-Monday sort of day around here. My plans extend no further than doing my nails and figuring out what to fix for dinner later (steak, baked potato, and sauteed cabbage).

It's been downright chilly around here, at least to my Southern blood. We had snow the other day and, while pretty, I was ready to see it melt away...which it did the next day when the sun came out.

My buddy, Hobbes, sticks close to me. When he can't get in my lap due to my computer being in the way, he patiently sits by and waits for me to move it. Well...okay, maybe not always "patiently."
My other buddy, Chance, prefers to hang out with Dad. He doesn't sit in my lap often, but when he wants to, I'll invite him to jump up and join me. I think he is more comfortable on the couch.
So that's us and our lazy weekend. Hope you, wherever you may be, are enjoying your weekend as well.

More later --

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  1. Sounds like a wonderfully relaxing weekend.

    God bless.


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