Sunday, April 17, 2016

Springtime in Memphis

This time of year in Memphis is absolutely gorgeous. As I type this, I can see out my back window to blooming wisteria draped over our fence from the neighbor's back yard. It's the best of both worlds - we get to enjoy it, but don't have to fight its invasiveness (is that a word?). 

All along our street, and throughout the whole city, there are beautiful pink and white dogwoods in bloom.  Our rose bushes on either end of the house have started putting out blooms -- one red and one a pinky coral shade. Our azaleas (along with everyone else's) are in full bloom and beautiful to behold.  My irises, which are planted all along the front beds next to the sidewalk, are tall and green with big fat bulbs just waiting to pop out their colorful flowers.  

Every year about this time I find myself making a conscious effort to slow down and really feel the cool mornings and really see the beautiful flowers everywhere.  April and October are my two favorite months and I know, all too soon, summer will be here. It will be oppressively, smotheringly hot and I'll alternate between being so hot I can't breathe to freezing to death inside an ultra airconditioned office. I know I'll find myself lusting after a home somewhere else...anywhere else that is cool with breathable air. 

But for now ... today ... I feel the warm sunshine and hear the birds singing and see the glorious flowers of all kinds ... and I find that I don't want to be anywhere else. And that's a beautiful thing.


  1. Spring and fall are beautiful months, however I must confess that I do love the summer months. We are so cool (or cold) here that the warmth of summer makes things bearable.

    God bless.


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