Friday, August 28, 2009

Does your kitty ever stick his tongue out?

The other night I went into the bedroom and saw Boots lying on our bed with his tongue sticking out. And there was a little wet spot where he had actually drooled a little. That scared me, so I Googled it to find out what was wrong. (Don't you just love Google?)

Turns out, nothing was wrong. Turns out, cats can do that when they are extremely relaxed and happy. Who knew? I guess my cats have never been that relaxed and happy.

Anyway, tonight he was doing it again. I tried to catch him on film, but as you can see, I missed it. Oh well, he's still cute. (And Vikki, he's NOT sneaky!)

Sadekat -- thank you for asking about my sleep study. I actually started to post about it earlier but thought it might be too boring for people to read... Long story short, I technically have apnea. The doctor told me the definition of apnea is 5 or more interruptions in breathing in a 1-hour time frame. My average for last night was 5.1. But, he said I could have come on another night and only measured at 4.9, so he did not think I needed a c-pap or anything like that. He told me the best thing I can do to help it is lose weight.

Rather than smart off and say, "ya think?" I simply said yes Doctor, I know you're right. Yet another reason for me to get my butt in gear and get back on a low carb good eating plan...

We go on vacation in two weeks. So maybe Steve and I can get back on a good eating plan after then. No way am I even going to think about it before then...

More later --


  1. That's good news about the sleep study! Sadie sticks her tongue out from time to time too, but I have never noticed drool.

  2. Hmm I'd never have thought there was a problem because she stuck her tongue out, but then I have zero experience with sneaky felines...giggle

  3. Bonjour Patty,
    Concerning your cat : of course, it isn't a problem. My cat was customary of the fact (I don't know if it is english what I said ?) It is true when they stick out their tongue they look a little bit strange.
    It is a good idea to start your eating plan while you are in vacation. You will be relax and will not worry about all the stuff.
    Thank you again for your kind comments on my blog.


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