Saturday, August 22, 2009

Putting the period on the sentence

Sorry for the big gap in posting. I’ve been spending far too much time on Facebook and not enough time on my blog! You know…..working for a living sure puts a cramp in my online socialization! Kidding, of course. With the economy so bad, I am thankful to have – not only a job - but a really good job, working with great people.

I’m so glad its Saturday and I can put the period on the sentence that has been this week. It’s been stressful, to say the least. Here’s a short recap:

• Went to dentist for checkup and was told he needs to extract a tooth and build a 4-unit bridge (to the tune of $1,800, after dental insurance pays their part). WHAT??

• Big storm came thru Memphis and we lost power. It stayed off for over 24 hours and we had to throw out a fair amount of food from the frig and freezer…not to mention sleep in the heat and humidity. UGH!

• Got a call from the rheumatologist’s office. They found blood in my urine and so I had to go back in to give them another specimen. (I hate that word, don’t you?) So I peed in another cup. Haven’t heard those results.

• Had a consultation with a sleep doctor. (Rheumatologist thinks I have apnea.) Now I have to go get all wired up to about 40 electrodes and try to sleep in front of a camera. Sure, no problem. That’s scheduled for next Thursday (and maybe Friday) night(s). Oh joy…

• Our back door lock jammed. Neither of our keys would open it. We’d been needing to get all the doors rekeyed the same, so we called a locksmith out. 150-some-odd dollars later, that’s crossed off our to-do list.

So that’s been my week. How’s yours been???????

On the up side, it is an absolutely gorgeous day. I can’t believe this is August in Memphis. There is like zero humidity and it’s just glorious. High will be in the 80s today. Yay!


  1. Wow, lots of stuff going on in your neck of the woods too.

    Don't worry about the sleep study. I had one a little over a month ago and was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. I wear a cpap now and am getting a good night's sleep finally. I actually started another blog to document it all.

  2. I know, I've been reading your sleep blog. Sorry I haven't commented so you would know...but I know you've had a lot of issues with yours. I just hope I don't have to even deal with it. I'm sort of in a "run and hide" mode these days. :-)

  3. We talked and I hope you're feeling a little better about the sleep study. But being my twinkie means I know you were all stressed out about it 5 minutes after we got off the phone...giggle I know I would have been. But honestly, keep telling yourself, at it's very very worst it will only be a slight nuisance.
    I just hope this week is going much better than last week.

  4. Hi Patty, just wanted to check on if you had your sleep study done yet.


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