Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Four days off, here I come

For the second week in a row, I get a 4-day weekend. (I could get used to this!)

So, the plan for tomorrow is:

1. Clean house (at least some)
2. Start putting away the Christmas decorations
3. Make cookies (coconut sesame cookies)
4. Make chili

Although it was my fervent wish and desire to stay inside all day in my pjs, I am afraid I have to go to Petco and get Boots some cat food. He is out of the kind he likes (and the kind I like for him, as well) and I forgot to pick it up today. Rats!

Tomorrow night we will eat chili for dinner on bed trays on our bed while we watch "The Twilight Zone" marathon on the SciFi channel. I can't wait. We do this every New Year's Eve. Yes.....we are the ultimate party animals.

More later --

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