Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday at last ...

This has been a very hard, very long week and I am glad to see the back end of it. I was supposed to go to a dessert/coffee get-together with ladies in my Sunday School class tonight, but my neck and head were telling me "just say no" ... so I did. Hate that...

Every day when I come home I check my one and only tomato. It's bright green, hard as a rock, and twice as big as it was about 10 days ago! Plus, there are some little yellow flowers that I hope will turn into more of the same. The plant is huge now and just keeps getting taller and fuller. I can't wait to see what comes of it.

It's supposed to rain cats and dogs this weekend. I think I'll just stay in the house tomorrow and do housework. Seems like the perfect rainy day activity.

Here's a picture of my favorite flowers in all the world (and my favorite husband in all the world in the background):


  1. It looks wonderfull and i am so glad your house is now a "home" for you both and of course your furry babies how are they?

  2. Michelle, thank you for checking in and for commenting! The fur babies are fine. I hope you're well...miss "chatting" with you.


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