Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Weekend trip to Mountain View

We just got back from a long-weekend trip to the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas. We stayed at a charming bed & breakfast in Mountain View. This was our second visit to the town and the B&B and we loved it.

Going to Mountain View is like taking a trip back in time. It's a picturesque small town with a town square and there's "Music on the Square" every weekend night. We spent a lot of time outside, sitting on the front porch, swinging on the glider in the back yard while reading a book, or just walking through the town. It was a really relaxing get-away and just what we needed.

Here are some photos:

More later --


  1. So nice to see a photo of you and hubby you look like two peas in a pod LOL The B&B looks so peacefull im glad you had a great time i would love to visit there. What do you do with your babies when you go away? Bet they go mad for you when you get home well thanks for updating what you are doing take care

  2. Thanks, Michelle. I never had more fun doing nothing in my whole life, LOL! We loved it. We boarded Chance at our vet's office and we left Boots at home, with our sweet neighbor Pam checking in on him from time to time, to check on the food and fresh water situation. Both of the babies did great, and you are so right -- they were READY for us all to get home.

    Take care, Michelle!



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