Sunday, May 23, 2010

Garden update

My "garden" (such as it is - two tomato plants and one bell pepper plant) is having mixed results. Because of my neck/back issues, I decided to try a method I saw here, which entails planting right in the bag of garden soil...pretty genius, if you ask me! This allows me to keep plants up at a more reasonable level for me and also pretty much eliminates weeding.

Anyway, the first tomato plant is doing fantastic. I have 17 tomatoes on it! In fact, it is doing so well that I went to Lowe's last weekend and bought another tomato plant to try as well. But...sad to say, my bell pepper plant does not look happy. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. But I'm not seeing a bountiful harvest of red bell peppers in my future... Oh well, maybe it will perk up.

I'm just thrilled with my tomatoes though, and really hopeful that they will ripen and taste wonderful. Time will tell.

Here's some pictures.

The one in the bottom of this shot was my first tomato to pop out. It's pretty big now, and is yellow and turning red!

Here's another shot of my first/biggest one:

This is my new "baby" tomato plant. I hope it will do as well as the first one.

In my front beds, I planted some iris that my friend Kim gave me, oh...about a month ago. This weekend I noticed that one of the iris has bloomed! This is a big surprise to me, since I figured they wouldn't bloom until next Spring. The others don't have any blooms, so maybe this is a little freebie preview I get for next year. Anyway, it's nice.

More later --


  1. You're ahead of me.I planted mine on Mother's Day.I was curious how the plants would grow in a bag of potting soil.I might try that.It looks like you'll be tasting those tomatoes soon...Dena

  2. I hope so, Dena. Hope your tomatoes grow quickly as well.


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