Saturday, May 19, 2012

Remembering Barbara

I have an older sister, Barbara, who was born deaf. Today is Barbara's birthday. She was nine years older than me. Sometimes it was hard growing up with a disabled sister. Sometimes I felt like she was my younger sister instead of my older sister. I have to say, we had our share of sister fights growing up. I distinctly remember throwing a hairbrush at her one time.  Thankfully, I had lousy aim. 

But I also remember giggling sessions and eating ice cream together. There was no lack of love between us. I loved her like crazy, and she felt the same about me I know.

Barbara died a few years ago in a sudden and tragic accident. It tilted my world on its axis, and changed my life. I mourned her, and continue to mourn her, for all the things she did not experience, for all that she lost. However, I choose to believe that she is in a peaceful and beautiful place with those she loves. And best of all, she can hear beautiful sounds, music, and the voices of all she loves.

This picture is how I best remember my sister -- young, happy, and beautiful.

Happy Birthday, Barbara. I love you and I miss you.

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