Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hand update

I am back at work this week, and trying to adjust to using my hand so much more. Even nearly a month post-op, it's been a little difficult. I do fine until about mid-afternoon, when it really starts bothering me. I'm keeping it wrapped part of the time, just for the extra support. And putting ice packs on it at night sometimes. I think the incisions are healing beautifully, though. Here are a couple of update photos.
More later --


  1. I'm so glad it's healing so well, now if it will just start working well too! I'll pray for you. Please do me a favor and pray for Cindy. She's on daily pain killers and still some days she can barely walk to the restroom. Here hearing is in a few weeks and she really needs all the prayer she can get. Thanks, hugs hope and pray hand gets better really soon.

  2. Oh Vikki ... tell Cindy I am praying for her. Bless her sweet heart. Hope the hearing goes in her favor!!


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