Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wrist surgery update

Okay, so I've decided to fire up my little blog again...just for the fun of it. My latest news is that I had surgery on my wrist last week - for DeQuervain's tendonitis release and carpal tunnel release. That means I have not one, but two lovely incisions. Ouch.

I have this really bad habit of minimizing upcoming events (like surgery) in my mind and telling myself, oh, this is no big deal ... I'll sail through it and be fine. Then, inevitably, it ends up being a much bigger deal than I was prepared for it to be. When will I learn?

Anyway, there's been a fair amount of pain and swelling, and a lot of tenderness. But, it is definitely getting better. Meanwhile, I am out of work for a couple weeks anyway, which is a big (make that HUGE) change for me.

Hope you're not squeamish. Here are a couple pictures of my wrist.


  1. OUCH...That looks painful.Take it easy.Enjoy your time off.... Dena

  2. Thanks, Dena! Hope you are doing well.


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