Saturday, July 7, 2012

Company's coming

I got a call this morning from Steve's cousin.  She and her sweet husband are in town for a wedding, which just happens to be at a church right around the corner from us.  So I asked them to stop by afterwards and they're going to!

It will be great to see them.  It's been several years.  They recently moved from Florida to Colorado, but have family in this area, so we get to see them from time to time. 

Have been tidying up the house a bit and am looking forward to our company. 


  1. Enjoy your family. It will be a fun time to have you get together for a visit.
    And a good excuse to tidying up the house!

  2. We had a very nice, albeit brief, visit! Thankfully I had swept and steam cleaned all the wood floors that morning before I got her call, so there wasn't tooooo much left to do. :-)


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