Saturday, November 3, 2012

Rainy night

We are having lovely thunder showers as I write this post on a snug and cozy Saturday night.  Steve is watching "The Guns of Navarone" on Blue Ray, and I ... am not.  But being the companionable wife I am, I'm sitting in the den with him and listening to his occasional commentary while I play on the computer. I've got my fall candles burning and am enjoying their scent. 

I stepped outside on our back porch (screened in) for awhile this evening and listened to the thunder (distant-sounding) and soft rain.  I love the sound of rain on our back porch roof.  It is metal and the rain makes a wonderful pinging sound.  Hobbes loves the back porch when it's raining too.  He never goes all the way outside -- only to the back porch, and he doesn't like it when it's too hot or too cold (a cat after my own heart, you could say).  But he LOVES it when it's raining.  Such an unusual, funny boy. 

Tonight is the time change.  I do love getting my extra hour back, but I dread driving home from work in the dark every night.  And, Tuesday is the election.  I will be SO GLAD to see the backside of this election.  I guess all election campaigns are divisive by their very nature, but this one has seemed particularly so.  No matter who is elected, I fervently hope that this election is decided by midnight Tuesday, and that the country (and Congress) can pull together and support our President.

More later --


  1. Hi Patty,
    sounds like a wonderful Fall evening at your home.
    We have had a week of clouds, some rain, but mostly clouds. I would rather hear the patter of rain on the roof to go along with the clouds.
    Just wondering "Where has the sun gone...long time in passing"in our area. So looking forward to seeing the sun. A week of clouds has been a bit much.
    Yes, this is one election that hopefully will come to some good. It has been a great concern to all of us.
    Have a good week. Take care.

  2. Hope you see the sun soon, Eileen!


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