Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday recap

So, it's been a tough week in some ways.  I am in limbo over my pending back surgery, because my lovely insurance company has not yet decided they are going to approve it.  It weighs heavily on my mind, and I just want it to all be settled, to be able to have the surgery, and go about the process of healing and improving my life's quality.  If you are a praying person, I would appreciate prayers to that end.

Today, though, I have been given a gift, so to speak.  The law firm I work for gives President's Day as one of its holidays!  So...  My big plans include a trip to the dentist (woo hoo) and plenty of cuddling with Hobbes and Chance.  The almost-constant numbness in my legs prevents me from doing a lot of other things I might really enjoy. 

So, I will enjoy my quiet and peaceful house today.  I'll have another cup of coffee.

Then I'll go check on Chance, snoozing in the study.

Oops, looks like I woke him up.  Now he's ready to go back outside.

Hobbes is ready to play this morning, as always.

And as for me, I think I'll light a candle and read a good book today.  Hope your Monday is pleasant, where ever you find yourself. 


  1. Good morning, Patty! You mentioned the numbness in your legs, so I am assuming you must have a "ruptured" disk in your lower back. I had surgery for that in 2004 and, while some numbness remains in my left leg, the pain is gone and it is so much better. I will definitely be praying for you!


  2. Hi Dianne - thanks for stopping by! Not a ruptured disc...although I have had herniated discs in the past. I have spondylolisthesis, which means that a vertebrae is pushed forward, and it is putting pressure on the nerves. I will have a 2 level fusion to fix it, hopefully!

    I am so glad you got some good relief from your surgery! I hope mine fixes the problem.


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