Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What I'm reading ...

I love to read. My sweet husband and I are both big readers, with shelves and shelves of books in our house. There is a series of books that I’ve enjoyed through the years – the “Miss Julia” books by Ann B. Ross. The latest, which I just finished (and thoroughly enjoyed), is called Miss Julia Delivers the Goods. They’re all about a peppery little widow woman – a fine, upstanding, cultured, church-going, southern woman – “Miss Julia” – who recently lost her husband of many years, Wesley Lloyd.

To Miss Julia’s surprise and extreme dismay, a child appears on her porch one day, and it turns out that he is the illegitimate son of Wesley Lloyd. Miss Julia finds herself taking in the boy, “Little Lloyd,” along with his mother (and Wesley Lloyd’s former paramour), Hazel Marie, despite what her gossiping church peers and everyone else might be thinking.

This is the tenth book in the series, and I’ve enjoyed reading them all. They’re entertaining, light reading with a southern voice. Miss Julia reminds me a little of Miss Daisy in the Driving Miss Daisy movie.

I’m not sure what’s next on my list. I’ve got another latest in a “culinary mystery” series that I think I’ll take on next. I’ll let you know, though!

More later --


  1. Could the series be by ... Diane Mott Davidson? I read a couple of her books a long time ago and I've meant to pick up a couple more but never seem to have. I really liked the ones that I read. I'll have to check out a new one.

  2. Yes! I love her Goldy Schultz books!! I've read every one of them. I just started the latest -- "Fatally Flaky" and it looks to be as good as all her others.


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