Thursday, May 28, 2009

My fake tan

I have the whitest skin you’ve ever seen. My legs are so white I hate wearing shorts or summer skirts. I cannot tell a lie -- in the past, I went the tanning bed route and in the ancient past, I was a true sun worshiper. Now, however, I know better, so I don’t do that stuff these days. But I still hate my white legs.

I’ve tried sunless tanning lotions in the past, but have never been completely happy with the results. Earlier this month, though, I read a review of sunless tanning products in our local newspaper. One of the highest scoring products was Loreal Sublime Bronze. I’ve been using it for a few days, and the verdict is in: I love it! It’s given me a very pretty soft tan with no streaks, strange smell, or weird orange-y coloring at all. Hallelujah!

More later --


  1. I've wondered about the new generation of sunless tanners. Jergens has one that's suppose to be very gradual, but I still remember the orange-y skin nightmares from the past...giggle
    Besides if I didn't look like Casper's sister no one would recognize me.
    Hope you're having a great weekend,

  2. Thanks, girl. Hope you're having a good weekend too!


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