Sunday, May 31, 2009

New furniture!

We recently moved into a new (to us) house and have been working hard putting our “stamp” on it. It’s starting to really feel like home, which is great.

So, last weekend we went bedroom furniture shopping. I was super excited, because believe it or not, I have never bought a brand new bedroom suit before. All at once. There were some great Memorial Day furniture sales, and we found a really nice set for a great price. Then, we headed to the Sleep Number store and bought a new mattress set. I have always wanted a Sleep Number bed. So exciting! Anyway, the bedroom furniture was delivered Friday. The mattress set will be delivered this coming Friday. Till then, we’re sleeping in the guest room on our old bed. I’ll update with new pictures when we get the room all put together with the new furniture, mattresses, and bedding.

But for now, here are some pictures of our bedroom furniture.


  1. Looks good. Can't wait to hear what you think of the sleep number mattress. I've wondered about them myself.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend,

  2. I will definitely let you know what we think of the sleep number bed. It felt great in the store!

  3. Remember, I don't own a truck.

    Congrats! Take your time settling, nothing worse than having to rearrange after you *think* you know where you want things. hahaha

    Nice looking blog btw! Like the blue, and the header is well done too!


  4. Thanks, Wayne. Coming from you, that means a lot! My friend Vikki is responsible for the header; I get to benefit from her talent.

  5. Great job!! You have a nice site. I will be back alot~ Good luck with all you do! Bonnell Spring Mattress in Mumbai


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