Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday morning check-in

Stayed home from church this morning. I think I overdid it yesterday cleaning the house. This blasted fibromyalgia … I can’t figure out where the energy starts and ends. I’ve been feeling better lately. When I saw my doctor last week, she tweaked my medicine, and it really has helped. I haven’t felt as dopey-sleepy and have had a little more energy. So yesterday, I guess I pushed myself. And today, I’m paying for it.

I belong to a Frugal Living forum, and one of the threads lately is about “using it up.” So I’ve been a lot more conscious of not throwing leftovers out and trying to use up everything and reduce waste. Last night I made a chicken stir fry. We’d had roast a couple of nights earlier, and I had just a little roast and gravy in the fridge. So I shredded the roast and put it and a couple tablespoons of gravy into the stir fry. Not only did it “use it up,” it really added a depth of flavor to the dish. Yay!

Hubby and I are starting to plan our vacation for later this year. We’re heading back to the beach, I guess. We plan on going the second week of September. It’s a great time, because school has started, the crowds are gone, it’s still nice and warm – but oppressively hot, and best of all … prices are almost half of what they are in the summer.

Here’s a picture of what I want in our front beds. My favorite flowers in the world are hydrangeas.

More later --


  1. Bonjour Patty,
    Well, be careful not to push yourself to much. But if you pushed too much maybe it is because your were feeling better and that is good. But be careful.
    You plan your vacation on september. My husband and I will plan the same I think ! we will travel but we don't know yet where we will go. That will be a surprise. I would love to visit East coast or Quebec in autumn when the trees are burning (I'm talking about their color of course !) maybe we will stay in France, who knows ?
    Have a nice week ( already well begun)

  2. Bonjour my friend. I have always wanted to see New England coastal area in the fall when the trees are "burning." (I like that wording, by the way.) Of course, I've always wanted to see the French countryside too, as well as a bunch of other places. Trouble is, we keep going back to the same places (Florida or Alabama Gulf Coast beaches), so I'll never get very far on my list if we don't branch out. :-)

  3. Hey girl,
    My favorite are Gerber daisies, they are so bright and cheery. I hope you get to put you in some hydrangeas.

    I thought you guys were going to try to go to the mountains this year? Maybe take your vacation a little later so there will be fall colors (burning I agree great descriptive word)but not a lot of snow to deal with.

  4. I love gerber daisies too! And they have so many great colors. Right now I need to get out and weed our front beds. They are getting really bad. It's been so hot I just couldn't face it, but the temp this weekend is supposed to be I need to get to it.

    You are right, I thought we were going to go to the mountains too. But my hubby wants to go to the beach. What can I say...he's a sun and sand lover. So........we're going to the beach.


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