Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wow ... is it Wednesday already?

This week is going by really fast. Which is good. I’ve been busy at work, and I’m glad, because it makes the day go by faster.

Tonight an insurance guy was supposed to come by the house, and we were going to sign applications for a life insurance policy for both of us. Weird – he never made it. I say it’s weird, because he’d already done his pitch a couple weeks ago, and we’ve been considering it since. So he knew it was a for-sure thing. He seemed like a really decent guy, so I guess we’ll give him a chance to call us and let us know what prevented him from coming…

I made a big bowl of tuna salad tonight for both our lunches. I make it with diced sugar-free “sweet” pickles, minced onion, diced celery, chopped eggs, mayo, and (of course) tuna. Then I like sandwiches with my “health nut” bread, lettuce (or spinach), a slice or two of tomato, sliced onion, and a little more mayo. Yum-O!

Okay, just in case you’re not sick of pictures of my house, here’s another one. This is a shot of our screened-in back porch.


  1. Cut the pickles that's how I make my tuna too. I like it best on lettuce leaves, with a little sprinkle of chopped peanuts.

    I also like it sometimes with sugar free sweet pickle relish and mayo for a quick lunch...giggle when I'm too lazy to make a real tuna salad.

    I'm loving the pictures of your new house. Keep 'em coming. Looks like you got a great house and your doing a terrific job of decorating it to look beautiful.


  2. Thanks, girl. I'll keep posting pictures, then. Hope you're doing well!


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