Sunday, September 30, 2012

Beach vacation 2012

 So, we just got back from our Gulf beach vacation.  It was a beautiful week of sunny days and warm weather.  Not too hot, but still plenty warm enough to swim and enjoy the beach.  We love going this time of year because the crowds are gone, prices are reduced, and we can really relax.

On the way in, we rode the Dauphin Island Ferry.  We had to wait awhile for it and here a picture of  where we hung out.  They just happened to sell ice cream, so we had an ice cream cone while we waited.  We sat under the building in the shade with our ice cream, since it was a warm day.


I saw and heard our first seagulls on this trip.  I love seagulls...they make me feel like I'm truly on vacation.

There was a pier and I had to check it out.

 I took this shot off the end of the pier.

There was a guy there fishing for mullet.

This was the line of cars waiting for the ferry.  I was glad we were near the front of the line!
 Then, the ferry came.  Hooray!!

We finished the drive in, and this was our view from the balcony.

 It really was a little piece of paradise.


We  had a good time and decided we are DEFINITELY retiring to the beach.  


  1. The ferry ride is always an experience worth capturing. And I agree with you, that place is like a paradise! It is absolutely stunning, and the white sand brings out the beauty of the place even more. Nature is truly beautiful in more ways than we can ever imagine! :)

    Donna Parsley

  2. So true, Donna. I am ready to go back!


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