Sunday, September 2, 2012

My new phone

I am not the type of girl who needs the latest and greatest electronic gadgets. I'm never on "the leading edge" of anything, and am pretty okay with that. I'm fine with keeping computer, phone, whatever, for years, as long as they still work for my needs.

That said, though, I have found myself coveting (and I use that word absolutely correctly here) a new phone made by Samsung -- the Galaxy Note. This phone has the biggest screen size out there: 5.3 inches.

Isn't it divine? The Note has been out for several months now, and I've watched the price drop over time from obscene to painful. (I am nothing if not frugal.) The break came when Samsung announced the second generation Note II would be coming out soon...perhaps even later this month. Then, the price really started becoming more reasonable, because they need to unload all the first generation phones they can to make way for the next latest and greatest.

Anyway, last week I went to the AT&T website, and what to my wondering eyes did appear, but a refurbished Note for only $49.95. It was available in white and midnight blue, and I chose the white. In fact, it's exactly like the one shown above. And yes, it actually comes with a stylus.

I love it. I can go online, play my games, text friends and family, read my Kindle books, even watch TV shows and movies -- and actually SEE what I'm looking at. Having had a cornea transplant (and 50+ year old eyes) makes that harder than it used to be.

My friends at work are teasing me (good-naturedly) ... "wow, Patty, is your phone gi-normous enough for ya?" etc., but I could not care less. I tease them about their microscopic phones and how sorry I am for them that they have to strain to see what's on their screen.

So, I am just really, really happy with my phone and hope to live happily ever after with it. Or at least a few years. : )

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