Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A rainy day

So, before I got out of bed this morning, I heard the rain.  I have to say that this was one morning I was happy to be home from work and able to snuggle under the covers while the rain drops played their endless patterns of sound above me. 

I expected a pretty lazy morning, since I couldn't get out and walk.  I made my coffee and had a few cups and played on the computer.  But then, I realized it had stopped raining.  I looked online at the local radar and realized we were in a lull between showers.  So I jumped into my clothes and headed out for a walk.  I got in a good walk, just over a mile, and not long after I got back I heard thunder.  The rain wasn't far behind.  I'm really glad I got the one walk in. 

Ordinarily, I would not let the rain stop me from walking.  But I am so afraid of slipping or tripping and falling and hurting my back that I have decided no walking in the rain for now.

Before I update my back situation, I want to say that I do not intend for this blog to turn into my personal health journal.  But, since the back surgery, my health is sort of front and center of my thoughts at any given moment of the day.  I promise, I will soon be back to posting about other mundane small stuff, besides me, myself, and I.  

I am now into my 5th week since surgery, and I have come a l-o-n-g way.  I still am having pain down my right leg (especially when I am sitting), but other than that, I feel great.  I'm still taking the Neurontin and have begun taking it twice a day.  It still makes me sleepy, but not nearly as much as it did a week ago.  So I think I'm getting adjusted to it.  My hip pain is completely gone after receiving the steroid shot into my bursa, yay!  Over all, I think I'm doing great. 

During my walk today, I picked some honeysuckle growing on the edge of a vacant lot on our street.  I do believe honeysuckle is my all-time favorite scent in the world.  I put it in a short little glass and it is now making my kitchen smell wonderful.

Another fun thing I saw during my walk today was a woman walking FIVE little doggies!  Five!!  I asked her if I could take a picture and she said sure.  So here they are in all their cuteness.

And, to all the dog breed experts out there, what are they?  Besides adorable, that is.  And they were being SO good.  I could not imagine five Chances, that's for sure.  Sometimes I can't even handle one.

More later --


  1. Hey, I was here - enjoying your update!

  2. LOL, Kim. I'm glad you enjoyed the update, even if you were stuck at work.

  3. I was here, too, Patty, and enjoyed your update! Sorry to hear that you're still having trouble with the leg pain, but I admire your stick-to-itiveness! You go, girl!

  4. Thanks, Sally! Wish you were here to walk with me.


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