Friday, June 19, 2009

Pictures and Friday check-in

I am here to tell you, summer has arrived in the city of Memphis, TN. Maybe not on the calendar, but definitely on the thermometer. It has been HOT and HUMID … ugh! Temp in the 90s and heat index in the 100s. And being “the age I am,” makes it all the worse. Heat just seems so much … hotter!

So here I sit, my little red fan pointed directly at my head, while I wait for the house to cool down. Chance is out in the back yard (how can he stand it?), saying hello to the big dog who lives behind us. Hubby is picking out a movie for him to watch tonight (not me; I’ll be watching “What Not to Wear” – it’s a new one tonight). And Boots is … well, I’m not sure exactly where Boots is. He was lying on the dresser in our room earlier (under the ceiling fan), but then he has lots of hiding places.

Here’s a picture of a pretty plant I got to go on what was my microwave stand (I now have a “cubby” that holds the microwave, which is great).

And, here’s a shot of our bookcases. They are still a work in progress, so things come and go, almost daily …

Finally, here's a sweet picture of Chance. He fell asleep on a pillow last night and I couldn't resist ...

More later --


  1. Pretty plant, I am envious of your nice bookcase. You have it arranged so nicely.

    I watch what not to wear every friday too!

  2. Thanks, girl. Now if I can just keep it alive! :-)) We are loving our new house and the extra space after living for so long in a tiny place.

    WNTW was good last night. I loved her new style; it was perfect for her...

  3. Let me echo Sadekat's comments and ask what kind of plant is it? I really like it.

    Boy do I know what you mean about this time in our life. We've been in the throws of "summer" for a while. And boy is it getting to me this year. Seems like in the last few months "The Change" has hit hard. I just thought I knew about it...giggle The hot flashes don't make me feel like I'm on a mini vacation in the tropics no matter how hard I imagine..."smirk" and these mood swings... on my gosh sometimes they are so fast I think I'm talking to myself.
    Well have a fabo weekend and sorry I was able to talk. My sleeping pattern is all over the place.

  4. It's called a Bromeliad and I got it at Costco. It wasn't expensive at all (less than $10) and like I said, I hope I don't kill it... :-)
    You have a great weekend, too. Hope you can get some good rest.

  5. Hi Patty so glad you are finally in your new home, chance looks pretty happy too!!! It looks wonderful must be great for you to have all that space now well im glad you are keeping well and GLAD YOU ARE BLOGGING AGAIN
    take care

  6. Shelly, I'm so glad to hear from you. I hope you're doing well! Thank you for reading my new blog and for letting me know you've stopped by. We do love our new house; it's so great to be in a nice neighborhood with nice neighbors.


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