Monday, June 29, 2009

Cool at last!

I came home today to a blissfully cool house. The a/c units were cleaned and serviced, coolant added to both units, and a part was replaced on one unit. What a difference!

Here's a picture of my kitchen. It doesn't really show, but I have a lovely view out that window of my neighbor's rose bushes. They are multi-colored and really quite beautiful.


  1. I am so so happy you got your air fixed and cooling again. We had a very short lived cool spell, only about 96-98 degrees for a couple of days, but of course that cooling brought higher humidity levels. It was back up in the triple digits again today and felt like walking into a wall wet heat when walking out the door. Just trying to keep cool around here...giggle hope you can too.

  2. Girl, I feel your pain! Stay cool and have a wonderful holiday weekend.


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