Monday, June 8, 2009

Just another manic monday ...

… not really, I just love that song. It’s been a good day.

Dropped my RAV 4 off today during lunch to get some routine maintenance performed – AC service, tire rotation, radiator flush/fill, and oil change. It will be ready when I get off today at 5:00.

A co-worker followed me to the repair shop, and then I went to a shoe store with her. I found a pair of shoes! This is a big deal, because I have wide feet and always have to buy my shoes online. But these are so cute – sort of “Mary Jane” type shoes, but very comfortable and lightweight, with good support. So I am pretty excited about that find.

We had a couple over Saturday night for dinner and a movie. I work with the lady, and her husband and my husband sort of hit it off when they first met – seemed to have a lot in common. And you know, it can be hard when you’re a couple to find another couple that both the husband and wife feel comfortable with and enjoy spending time with. We’re really lucky in that regard because we do have another couple that we’re both very close to.

But anyway, I’m getting off-track here. So, this couple – John and Vickie – came over Saturday evening. They got the grand tour of our new house, we had a nice meal together, and we watched “The Italian Job.” Not the new one; the original one with Michael Caine and Benny Hill. Such a good movie. It was a really enjoyable evening.

Chance was on his best behavior; he sat on everyone’s lap. (They have a miniature schnauzer of their own at home, and they even dog-sat for us when we were called out of town unexpectedly, so he was very comfortable with them. But who am I kidding … he never meets a stranger anyway.) I told them he is an “equal opportunity lap dog.”

And, wonders never cease, Boots even came out near the end of the evening. My shy kitty never comes out when people he doesn’t know are in the house. But he did Saturday night. So that was a First.

So anyway, it was a very nice evening – our first experience hosting someone in the new house. We’ll be doing it a lot, because we love to have people over; in fact, we’re having people over this Saturday evening for dinner, too.

More later --


  1. Cool Beans. Never saw the original but Cindy talked me into the new one. Wasn't bad just loud!
    Have a great weekend girl,
    Hugs and happiness

  2. Well, the old one is a little loud, too, but nothing like the new ones. We've had this discussion before, haven't we? [grin] Why do they have to make movies so darn LOUD?

    Okay...climbing off my old-lady soapbox for the moment.

    You have a great weekend, too. Call me!


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